“Van Gogh’s statement 'There is no blue without yellow…' is likely what began my addiction with the relationships between colors. The physiological effect experienced when you find just the right juxtaposition of hues drives me to paint and to seek it out in new ways.  I am fortunate to be painting at a time when science has delivered tools and pigments in oil painting that were not available to those who defined impressionism or divisionism, and my style reflects a blend of these contemporary tools with the classical ideals."  - Rob Buntin  

 Through a bright palette of color, applied with thick, deliberate, often unblended brush strokes, Buntin exposes a passion for color and an intimate study of light and shadow. With a focus on transforming contemporary cityscapes and landscapes into intimate and nostalgic moments, Buntin infuses intense color combinations with a deliberate technique to maximize the potential of the oil medium. The subject matter has taken Buntin from America to Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, and France, as he continues to explore new opportunities for color expression.

     Rob studied formally at Furman University under Olof Sorensen,  followed by study under Caroline Ebeid in North Carolina. Rob now resides in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife Nicole, their daughters Marley and Truus, and dog Jolla.


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