Buntin captures intimate moments and brings them back to life. 

Concept -  I can either work with the customer's photos provided from a special experience to arrive at an image that will translate to canvas, or work with the customer on a concept/location and capture the scene myself. The key is the concept- the what, the where, and why is it important to you. The quality of the photo is not as critical.

Collaboration - I work with the customer to establish a detailed sense of their likes and dislikes- colors, style, contrast, sizing, a well as identify the emotional connection and a sense of the level of emotion that they want communicated in the painting.

Creation - The creation often involves studies in charcoal and color, followed by the final piece. I may touch base with the customer at various points for input. I typically allow for three months to complete.

Payment - 50% of the price is due prior to creation, with the remaining 50% due for receipt of the finished piece.

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