About the Artist


My art is an ongoing exploration of color with oil on canvas. I want people to feel the painting in a physiological way, the smack in the brain that I feel when I am working. I seek out cityscapes and landscapes at dusk and dawn to capture the light at its richest, and then push the paint to its limits. I am heavily influenced by the old impressionist masters Monet and Signac (though my style falls more among the post-impressionists). I am always amazed at the power and elegance rendered from the limited paints of their time. I deviate from the impressionists in the deliberate nature of my work. I spend substantial time planning: first on the computer (possibly due to my IT programming background), followed by sketches, color studies, more computer, and then a final plan of the layers and a diagram of the relationships. Typically, 90% of the painting is work and visually unenjoyable, with the last 10% making it all worth it.